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Welcome to Free Online Blackjack CA – Try our 14 Blackjack Games today!

There are few casino games that capture the imagination as much as blackjack. It is a game that is deceptively simple, yet can take a lifetime to master. It is also one of the best games for the average casino gamer due to the fact it has an exceptionally low house edge meaning that you are more likely to win more often.

However, as Canadian casino fans will know, there are a huge number of casinos out there, all of which offer their own take on the game. So which ones are the best for the average blackjack lovin’ Canadian to join?

That is where Free Online Blackjack CA comes into its own. Our first love is blackjack and our aim is to bring the very best casinos, which are offering a huge range of the finest blackjack games and blackjack themed slots you can play anywhere on the Internet, right here to your virtual doorstep.

Check out this list of fantastic Blackjack games you can play for free on this site and with real money across our quartet of top casinos:

  • Big Five Blackjack Gold
  • Double Exposure Blackjack Gold
  • European Blackjack Gold Redeal
  • Hi Lo 13 Blackjack
  • Hi Lo 13 European Blackjack Gold
  • High Streak Blackjack
  • Multi Vegas Downtown Blackjack Gold
  • Multi-Hand Blackjack
  • Multi-Hand Bonus Blackjack
  • Multi-Hand Classic Blackjack Gold
  • Spanish Blackjack Gold
  • Table Game A – Classic Blackjack Gold
  • Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold
  • Blackjack Bonanza (slot)

However, did you know that as a native of Canada, you can actually play many of these games completely free, using the casino’s own money as your starting point?

Each of our four top quality casinos offer new users a fantastic starter bonus, which means that all you need to do is download the software (guaranteed to be 100% clean and free from all viruses and malware), install it onto your PC and register your details.

When you do, your account will be credited with a fantastic New Player Bonus, which you can then use to play these games completely free and what you win (over and above your initial bankroll) you can keep!

Here’s a list of our four great casinos, complete with their free bonuses for new players:

  • Blackjack Ballroom – Receive $500 worth of casino credits and play blackjack to your hearts content and if you can win over $100 more than your starting amount, you can claim this cash as your free, real cash starter bonus!
  • Casino Classic – Join now and receive $500 in free cash just for signing up! Try a selection of the most popular games for an hour and keep your winnings!
  • Luxury Casino – Receive a new player bonus of up to $1,000 when you join today, spread over your first five deposits – starting with a 100% match up to $150!
  • Casino Action – Join now and receive $1,250 completely free! Start playing with $1,250 in casino credits and win $20 to $100 over the $1,250 to claim your fantastic starter bonus!

Of course, each of the casinos listed above offers blackjack as part of its extensive gaming selection and indeed, if the offer includes casino credits allowing you the chance to play games for free on the casino, then blackjack will certainly be offered to users as part of the deal.

Free Online Blackjack CA is the first and last stop for all Canadian players who are keen to enjoy a little action at the blackjack table. Whether you are looking for games that involve multiple hands, games more suited to the beginner, or more experienced player, or games that have higher or lower betting limits, at Free Online Blackjack CA you’ll find all you need to enjoy the best blackjack you can find on the Internet today!

Play the latest blackjack games for free!

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Classic Blackjack Gold

Offering enhanced graphics and sound effects as you would expect in the Microgaming Gold series of games, Classic Blackjack Gold does exactly what it says on the tin, a fantastic, classic game of blackjack played to Vegas rules.

The game is played with one deck of cards, which is shuffled between each deal. Bets can range from 1.00 up to 200.00 and features the opportunity to split, double down and insurance is offered if the dealer hits an ace.

With super-smooth animations, Classic Blackjack Gold is a fantastic option for any level of blackjack fan.

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European Blackjack Gold Redeal

This exciting version of Blackjack comes with a twist, in that after the player and dealer have been dealt their initial cards, the player can opt to have the dealer redeal cards at a small cost, thus giving them the chance to hit better cards the second time around.

You can redeal the cards in European Blackjack Gold Redeal up to five times. The cost of the redeal depends with some card combinations offering you the chance of a redeal at no cost at all. You can opt to redeal your hand against the dealers, redeal the dealers hand or redeal your last received card.

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Big Five Blackjack Gold

This Gold series game features all the enhancements and additions you would expect from a top Microgaming product and with 5 decks of cards as well as single hand and multi-hand options available, this is as faithful a representation of blackjack as you’ll play on the internet today.

What is especially appealing is that in this game, you can wager up to 500 on each hand, which is more than double the usual table maximum of 200, thus high roller players could conceivably bet up to 2,500 per deal.

However, with bets starting from just 1, this is also a game that players of more modest bankrolls can and do enjoy.

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Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold

This four-deck game is one of the most all-encompassing versions of blackjack you will find, offering a level of customisation that is hard to beat. You can bet as little as 1.00 or as much as 200.00 each deal and you can even adapt the gameplay to suit your preferred speed of play.

Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold plays to Vegas rules and sees the player play one hand against the dealer. You can split hands up to three times (apart from Aces) and as its Vegas rules, the dealer stands on all 17’s including soft 17.

With fantastic graphics, immersive gameplay and top quality animations, Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold is a great choice for any blackjack fan.

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Multi-Hand Bonus Blackjack

If you enjoy Blackjack, but prefer a game where you can have several potential side bets, creating more action at the table in a shorter space of time, then Multi-Hand Bonus Blackjack is the ideal choice for you.

As well as playing up to five hands per deal, the player can place a side bet on each hand, the odds of which are dependent upon the cards dealt to the player. This is in addition to your regular bet on your Blackjack hand.

If you enjoy plenty of side-betting at the table, then Multi-Hand Bonus Blackjack is the ideal choice for you.

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Multi-Hand Blackjack

If you want the perfect replica of a casino game of blackjack online, but want to play more than one hand per deal, then Multi Hand Blackjack is the ideal choice for Canadian gamers.

This 5-deck game sees the cards shuffled after every hand and the dealer stands on all 17 hands. Aces can be split just the once and you can only receive one card to an ace after they have been split. You can also only double on hands valued at 9, 10 or 11.

You can play from one to five hands per deal and with the action progressing at a nice pace, this is as enjoyable and realistic game of multi-hand blackjack as you’ll find anywhere online.

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Double Exposure Blackjack Gold

Don’t you wish when playing blackjack that you could see the dealers hidden card? Wouldn’t it make your decision making so much easier? Well in this version of blackjack, that is precisely what happens.

Each deal sees the dealers cards dealt face up, so you can see exactly where you stand in each hand. The dealer also has to hit on soft 17, which also will appeal to blackjack aficionados.

The big thing to note here is that while a player blackjack will beat a dealer blackjack, if the result of a hand is a tie (ie, both players achieve 18), instead of a push, the dealer will win the hand. Thus the onus is on the player to beat the dealer, or lose their bet.

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Hi Lo 13 Blackjack

If you want to play blackjack with a chance of an additional wager, then check out Hi Lo 13 Blackjack from Microgaming.

In this version of the game, you can place a side bet after your main blackjack wager, on whether the hand you receive will be above 13, exactly 13 or below 13 in value.

When you receive your hand, this wager will be paid out or forfeit depending on your hand and then you can play the rest of your blackjack hand as you would normally. All side bets in the game are optional however, so you can still play traditional blackjack with ease.

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High Streak Blackjack Gold

What’s better than winning several blackjack games in a row? How about a game that allows you to bet on that outcome and then pays out if you manage to achieve it? Well, if you load up High Streak Blackjack Gold then that is precisely what you will find.

This European rules game is played with two decks and as you increase the number of wins, so the payout increases on your side bet for the next. You always bet on beating the dealer and the more you win in a single streak, then the more the value of your side bet increases.

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Spanish Blackjack Gold

If you fancy playing Blackjack in an exciting new way then Spanish Blackjack Gold is the game to try. This superb variation of the game sees 8 decks of cards, however all 10’s have been removed from each deck meaning that there are just 48 cards in each.

If that doesn’t sound too promising for the player, then the good news is there are other features such as Late Surrender and Double Down Rescue which allows the player the chance to retrieve a difficult situation and recover potential losses.

So if you love blackjack, but want to try an exciting new alternative to the game, complete with lots of Bonus 21 hands paying extra, then Spanish Blackjack Gold is the game to try.

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Multi-Hand Vegas Downtown Blackjack Gold

One of a series of five Multi-Hand games released by Microgaming at the same time, Vegas Downtown Blackjack Gold features the superb graphics and styling of the ‘Gold’ level of games, complete with an authentic and realistic Vegas Blackjack gaming experience.

Players can play up to five hands at a time, each with different stakes, against the dealer with chips ranging from 1.00 to 200.00. This is a fantastic version of the game, packed with features and with beautifully realised graphics. It is an ideal choice for the more competent player who prefers to play multiple hands against the dealer to Vegas, rather than European, rules.

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Multi-Hand Classic Blackjack Gold

Five’s the key number in Multi-Hand Classic Blackjack Gold from Microgaming. Here you play with 5 decks and can play up to a maximum of 5 hands on this Gold series game from the top online casino game developer Microgaming.

The dealer stands on all 17s and you can only double down when the original cards total 9, 10 or 11. You can split once and Aces can be split and you can hit more than one card to each ace – something which is often not allowed in other games.

With bets ranging from just 1 chip to 200, this is a fantastic game for multi-hand blackjack players of all bankroll levels.

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Hi Lo 13 European Blackjack Gold

This entertaining form of Blackjack plays out like a traditional game (although this version is played to European rules) however there is a vital addition to the game: That is a chance to place a bet on whether the hand you are dealt will be under 13, exactly 13 or above 13 in value.

This secondary betting issue allows you to place a side bet (provided you have staked on the regular blackjack game) which can increase your winnings, or even offset your loss if you lose the blackjack hand. The three side bets are entirely optional and this version of the game features the enhanced ‘gold’ series graphics and sound effects.

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Blackjack Bonanza

Everybody loves blackjack, but sometimes we want to turn our attention away from the green baize and the decks of cards and take on a fresh challenge at the casino. Well, what better way to do this than by enjoying a few spins of the Blackjack Bonanza online slot.

This 3-reel, 1 payline slot harkens back to the good, old era of slot machines, where understanding where and how you won is simple and the fact that this is based on a blackjack theme, with three jacks on a line being the top jackpot, just makes it all the more appealing.

Bets start at just $0.75 per spin with a maximum wager of $15 per spin.

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